Taking pictures of friends is one of my joys. Let me know if you would like to participate in my joy.

IMG_2665IMG_5401IMG_0299IMG_0330IMG_5814IMG_0923 IMG_6844IMG_1038IMG_1075portraits-1portraits-4portraits-5portraits-6portraits-8portraits-10portraits-14portraits-15portraits-17portraits-18portraits-19portraits-20portraits-21portraits-22portraits-23portraits-25portraits-26portraits-27portraits-28    portraits-33portraits-29portraits-31portraits-32portraits-34portraits-35Leilani and Nathan-104Leilani and Nathan-93Leilani and Nathan-50     Leilani and Nathan-16Leilani and Nathan-18Jess-11Jess-30Jess-36IMG_9422



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  2. Hey Laura,
    I was just looking through “awaken the morning” and enjoying your work! There are some nice shots here. Really fun to see more of the work you do. Thanks for sharing these ~
    Hopefully we’ll see you guys soon,

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