a watched pot


Ben took this (beautiful) photo while brewing this weekend. When I saw it, I was gripped.



It’s official: we’re moving, and that fact is coming to me slowly.

We’ve loved this place so much and deeply–into the earth–that it will be a process of grieving. It will be strange when I mark photos not taken here as “Home.”

For now, here are some of my favorites from Welivere over these four years.

IMG_8602IMG_1398 IMG IMG_8895IMG_8759 IMG_9562IMG_8789 IMG_8880 IMG_0545 IMG_0586 IMG_1119 IMG_8769 IMG_1180 IMG_1220 IMG_9964 IMG_1431 IMG_1420 IMG_1456 IMG_1705 IMG_1948 IMG_2168 IMG_2453 IMG_2676 IMG_3257 IMG_3242 IMG_3330 IMG_3635 IMG_6394 IMG_6531 IMG_7444 IMG_7487 IMG_7634 IMG_7669 IMG_7783 IMG_7821 IMG_7887 IMG_7977 IMG_8015 IMG_7996 IMG_8005 IMG_8271 IMG_9295 IMG_9239 IMG_9557 IMG_9636 IMG_9802 IMG_9827 IMG_1925 IMG_1974 IMG_1983 IMG_3687 IMG_3735 IMG_4588 IMG_4684 IMG_5353 IMG_6514 IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7297 IMG_9630 IMG_8973